low waist

Indecent dressing simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public.

This practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society.

Moral decadence on the other is a reduction in the level of morality in the society.

Do you observe that most children had gone haywire all in the name of the dressing?

Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassment recorded in the society, over time. As a result of civilization, Nigerian ladies dress half naked to occasions all in the name of fashion and this is contrary to the prestige placed on African women. For instance Nigerian ladies derive pleasure in wearing cloth such as mini skirt, bum shorts, armless, e.t.c.

The other day I screamed when I saw a girl whose parents barely fed well, dressed with half of her breasts and buttocks outside.

The trouser she wore was such that half of her buttocks was out, with beads and terrible make ups and I heard her mum telling her “to have a nice day.”

Some girls have been embarrassed and even abused because of their outrageous outfit but they still won’t change..

As a teenager you must be cautious of the kind of clothes you put on. Do you know your dress can create an impression about you either positively or negatively in the heart of people?

Your dress could show if you are responsible or irresponsible, serious minded or unserious.

Dressing in a manner that parents, society and religion frown at is not civilization. The way you dress shows whether you will be respected or not.

Most youths now walk on the street half naked, with tattered clothes all in the name of fashion.

Many innocent guys have been arrested along with armed robbers just because of the way they dressed.

I see no reason why a child from a good home should relax his hair or keep dreadlocks, or pierce his ears all in the name of fashion. There is a saying that “you are addressed the way you dress.”

Nowadays, different styles of dressing are in vogue – low waist, hot bosom, sagging etc. All these have the society’s moral value to its lowest ebb.

In a nation that is endowed with varieties of culture and traditions, it is annoying seeing this culture and traditions going into extinction. Nigerians find it difficult to dress in their local attire as it is regarded as “old and archaic.”

Indecent dressing is a habit embraced by all ages in the society. It has been inculcated by both the young and the old.

It is common among celebrities, particularly among artistes. This set of people, while on stage will want to look unique and in the process turn themselves into lunatics.

They wear tattered jean with holes, tight fitting shirt, some even go to the extent of wearing ordinary pant while on stage. All this is the cause of juvenile delinquency. Most of the under age children engage in early sex as a result of what they watch on television as well as what they saw among their older siblings.

Sadly, most ladies have been sexually abused because of their mode of dressing.

The question is – who do we blame for these social malady – the parents, the society or the peer groups?


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  1. Nehemiah James says:

    Mr David,i am impressed with the work you are doing,more power to your elbow.i think the parents should be blamed for the indecent dring in Nigeria and Africa at large,because charity begins at home.if one dresses badly he or she must have started home

  2. Nehemiah James says:

    Mr David,i am impressed with the work you are doing,more power to your elbow.i think the parents should be blamed for the indecency in Nigeria and Africa at large,because charity begins at home.if one dresses badly he or she must have started home

  3. david james says:

    if pple lyk u wit such inspiration will share 2 world,i holy blive u goin 2 make a change.kep it up!
    to urquestiob i tink sum parent ar 2 b blame.

  4. Realiti Wonder says:

    I love this article. Preach Preacher

  5. ella says:

    David, u are really doing a nice work God bless ur effort. I think de parents should be blamed bcos charity must begin at home, sme of our parents see us dress so indecently and say that is the reigning style and it actually begins at a tender age dressing a girl of 7yrs old with mini skirts, show me ur back e.t.c

  6. Blessing Akah says:

    Thanks 4 ur advise mr david king u inspired me nd i hope our teenagers will learn 4rm this especially d girls b/cos they are d course and 2 be blame. They know what is wright and keep on doing d wrong thing

  7. Mr Amondah Jonathan says:

    Every body is 2be blame!!!

  8. hamaj abdul says:

    Hmmm,the talkatenia of 9ja kudos to you.
    I think that is the question most parent should ask theirselves,do they really train their children in the right way? If yes, do they check the peer group their children get involve with?.These are the two measure that if there are not properly taken care of leads to this social malady.

  9. Extreme says:

    David ,thanks 4 bringin up dis topic ,it’s one of the main problems we hav in 9ja .pple tends 2 dress anyhw just in d name of fashion nd sum usually cal it swaggs .d 1st peer 2 b blaimed base on ma perspective ar d parent nd followed by dier peer group.

  10. liman ben says:

    d parents are 2 b blamed

  11. Ishaya Bulus says:

    Mr,David,i thing u have the best tallen.becouse u can change a sociaty,keep on the good work. the parents are 2 be blm

  12. Mr. Sati Satmer Dapel says:

    Once you are old enough to make your decisions, never blame any body for your action.

  13. Gaius mashor says:

    Mr king, i strong believed dat u cn turn d world 2 b a beta place. I jst wshd dat d youths involvd in ds act shld hv a rethink. Keep d flag fling sir

  14. Racheal richard says:

    Mr david king i luv ur poetic words n wit diz we can al change da nation so kip da gud work up..da parentz r 2 be blamed

  15. Joseph longji says:

    Well! I tink evryone is @ fault. 1. Parents: many parent hav brought up their children in such a way dat encourage them to dress indecently an hav nt rebuke them wen they dress lik dat as youth, claimin “its their time n fashion”. 2. Society: our society encourage indecent dressin by keepin mute abt it. I espect indecent dresscode b condemn in strong term publicly (as done by u) by everyone and decency held in high xteem, rewarded an even appreciated in public scene. 3. Peer groups: Due to the failure of parents an society, youths tend to saccum to indecent oversurs by peergroups who are evidence of the failure of the two above

  16. Kamo jeremiah Haruna says:

    Both the parents and the defaulting child should be blamed for this moral decadence.

  17. Mary Jademi says:

    Mr David king kudus 2 u .ur articles are nice.who 2 b blame 4 indecent dressing is the person dresin indecently

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